Climate :  
Most of Egypt is dry all year round, except Alexandria which can see some frequent showers during autumn and winter. During summer, despite the hot climate during the day, evenings are still pleasant with the cool northerly breeze. Winter months are very moderate though the waters of the Red sea can get a bit too cold for swimming during January and February.

Time :  
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus 2 hours during Winter
(Oct-Apr) and 3 hours during Summer (May to Sept.)

Weights and measures :  
The metric system is in use: Kilometer, Kilogram, Centigrade...etc.

Visas and Passports :  
Entry visas are required for most nationals visiting Egypt.
Kindly contact the nearest Egyptian Consulate to apply and obtain your visas in good time. Most visas are issued against a certain councilor fees. Visas can also be obtained at the Airport's Arrival Hall in Cairo just before the immigration control. However, we strongly recommend to our guests, to obtain their Entry Visas ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary delay on arrival at the air terminal. Passports must be valid for at least 3 months subsequent to the date of the proposed visit.
Groups can send their passport copies and we can apply it to the  immigration authorities in cairo and get it but in this case they should send their passport copies one month perior arrival.

Vaccinations :  
No special vaccination is required by the Egyptian Health Authorities except a valid Yellow Fever Certificate for visitors coming from Yellow Fever endemic areas. Health care system in Egypt is comparable to any system in the developed world.

Exchange procedure :  
There are exchange bureaus at all major hotels, most bank offices and on arrival at the airport. International hard currencies and Traveler’s checks are accepted at almost all tourist sites. Major credit cards are accepted in most places. Some can be used with automatic cashing machines.

Electrical Current :  
It is A/C 220 volts 50Hz. Wall plugs are the round two-prong European type. Kindly notice your need for an adapter.

Language :  
Arabic is the official language. English and French are widely spoken.


Currency :

The Egyptian Pound [EGP] is divided into 100 piasters. Notes of 1-5-10-20-50, and 100 EGP are available

Photography :  
At certain temples and pyramids a fee will be charged for photography. At all temples the use of flash is prohibited

Business hours :  
Government offices : from 9:00 to 14:00, Saturday to Thursday Banks : from 9:30 t0 14:30, Sunday to Thursday. Shops : from 10:00 t0 22:00, Monday to Saturday.

Shopping :  
The bazaars of Khan El Khalili in Cairo is the place to pick up some souvenirs. African woodwork, blown glass, papyrus, spices, aromatic oils, rare stones and oriental jewelry. There are also several malls in Cairo where you could very easily spend an afternoon window shopping though it could be more expensive than the downtown shops

Clothing :  
During the day summer clothes are suitable. For open air evening events ladies' jackets, shawls or light coats may be needed. Light suits for gentlemen are suitable at all times.
Don’t forget to bring along your swimming costume. Most hotels, even in Cairo, have swimming pools. It is also advisable to get a suitable head gear, a hat or a cap. The sun can be intense, especially in summer





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